One Way or Another


I can do a lot of things, but you probably want my help building web apps and web sites.

For nearly 6 years I led the development of many projects promoting The New York Times' products and services. You can see leave this page to see a Portfolio of some work. Or use the menu to see somethings I do.

I hope you like this website I built to showcase some things I can do well and / or have an affinity for.. which makes me who I am. Probably we will not go surfing together for your project.. but being a surfer helps me help you. Likewise, it's unlikely you'll like my music, but you could benefit from my mathematical mind and stone-cold rhythmn. And if we do not go running together, you can rest easy knowing I have endurance and finish the job!

Email : YES@hanleycan.com

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I mostly work in the digital realm, which means I make a lot of virtual things (virtual shopping carts, bubble-gum card trading, record playing, calendars) often with real-world consequences (a UPS box arrives at your door) It also includes digitally describing, monitoring and manipulating real-world things (like your wardrobe). There's also a good amount of advertising, mostly to prompt you to Really use your bank card. Finally, there is code that merely signals your senses, creating an impression, for altruistic and commercial purposes both.

Example of a 'landing page' for The New York Times. It prompts the reader to choose an amount to donate to support student subscriptions and to click a button. I coded this with html, css and javascript. It's a successful campaign. Let Sister, "the set lister", can track a performer's gigs, bits / songs, venues, and relationships. It was never popular, but was the basis for much of my work for The New York Times. The SmartSeller was my first program. I built it with a developer to better serve mom-pop merchants unsatisfied with the present e-comm offerings. It supports multi-level categories, custom shipping rules, and PayPal integration. These were all firsts or among firsts in field. We licensed The SmartSeller to store owners, and web hosts, which is how I got my start in New York City.


Ok, people I'm using the verb 'cartoon.' I like to do drawings. Sometimes these take the form of a cartoon, an example being my series "Gretchen Richface." Other times I'll ask someone for a theme or news story as a basis for a sketch.

Get Along

I strive to find common ground to build new friendships, working relationships and to negotiate. A big measure of my success in life is earning positive reviews and references. As of Sept 2017 I have about 120 good references combining several Important Standard Websites such as LinkedIn, AirBnB, Ebay, Couch Surfing...


You could say anything that moves is animation, but what I mean here is a higher range of motion that tells a story or represents a complicated machine.

Here's a GIF of my HTML5 turntable. You can see it in action or read about it on my blog. I also animate with Adobe Animate CC, often using my drawings as assets. Here is a GIF of my famous "Horse Walks into a Bar" video. You can see the full experience on Youtube, which features a certain TV theme song..


I retain a curiosity for the world. There's much to see, and hear.

Compete and Win

I get in the game and do my best to help a team or myself reach victory.

NYTimes Softball Champs I was a regular on The New York Times softall team. In 2013 we won the league championship. In 2014 we reached the semis. Marathon finisher I have ran a few marathons and half-marathons, each rewarding for different reasons. Completing the San Diego Rock-n-Roll allowed me to raise money for the LLS through its Team in Training. NYC was a dream come true. Here I'm pictured post-Philly. subway fight I'm always ready to defend liberty and goodness. Trouble can come up at anytime and any place. I'm up for the challenge!


Giving back to the community is important to me. Yes, it makes me feel good. The important thing is that things get done, that energy and resources are directed where they need to be. It should be a part of my everday life. I am looking into devising a regular routine of giving.

Some charities I support are the Leukemia and Lymphona Society, the American Red Cross, and the New York Times Neediest Cases Fund.

I have a lot of energy -- more than dollars -- so I jump in and lend a hand where I can. In 2012 after Superstorm Sandy I moved to the Rockaways, and helped with the recovery. It made a big impact on my life.

Post-Sandy, going to houses and clearing out debris and drywall.

Get Back to You

I will reply to sincere queries via email : yes @ hanleycan . com



Success is most often measured in dollars. How much have I enriched small business owners as well as large companies? Quite a bit. In the past 5 years, landing pages that I built were clicked on more than 15 million times, leading to 5 million new paying customers to The New York Times, for a net gain in subscribers of 3 million. The Times is hardly failing! Rather, it is succeeding 'bigly', and I played a key role in that success.

Selling stuff is an important system that is unique to each business. If you're going to do it, you'll need to invest time to do a lot of thinking to make the pieces and people come together. Although my role is most often as a software engineer or website designer, I think of e-commerce as a system of people as much as processess.

My first experience with online selling was instructive : for a local online shopping mall sponsored by the CBS affiliate, I had to ram up the inventory, by instructing the merchants how to add items. By interviewing these business owners, I learned what troubles they encountered, and how the software could be adjusted to make their job easier.


On the heels of my stint with the mall, I developed The SmartSeller, an online service for merchants to create a store and website using a level of customization that was not yet available. I'd be glad to tell you about it, in a blog post, and will link to that. In total, the SmartSeller was responsible for nearly .5 million in sales. Businesses as diverse as a bait-tackle shop, a candy seller, and Chinese take out used the program.

Other e-commerce experience includes creating custom online stores for clothing companies such as Baby Lulu, Lane Bryant, and a new snowboard-wear brand The Allyance.

In all cases, I work hard to have good relations with the people involved, including : representatives from credit card processor, UPS customer service, photographers, models, artists, developers, and owners... to make sure the person buying is a real and rewarded person.


Tell Jokes

Call me a storyteller, comic, or master comedian; the result is the same--I will turn around if you yell loud enough. Check the calendar below to find out the date of Thanksgiving and to see if I am gigging in a spot where you can also go. In the short term, take advantage of the new "VHS" functions of the Internet to see video footage of me, on stage, telling jokes.

See me from a side perspective!

In this video the camera faces the audience.. see what Matt sees!

Some Spots I've Told Jokes

  • The Ed Galvez Punk House
  • Hump Night at UCB East
  • Comedy Dublin
  • Comedy Studio in Cambridge, MA
  • Shrink! New York
  • The Jim Coughlin Comedy Show
  • Laura Krafft's Extravaganza
  • O'Briens Santa Monica
  • The Fancy Show Brooklyn

A Calendar on Which Might Appear My Upcoming Shows

Make Music

I can jam on a few instruments. I like to play and to write music.

Here's a song I wrote with my friend during the Iraq War.

Here's me and some friends playing a Madonna song and a Buddy Holly song.


Blogging is not unlike self-publishing, seldom benefiting from editorial oversight or market need. Nonetheless, I've thrown my hat in the bandwagon from time to time. There was the marvelous "Topical Jokes Daily" on blogger, and The Freewheeler, also on Blogger.

Now I have a WordPress blog, whoot whoot!

Here are the benefits of the blog vs. this website :

  • Gives details / how-I-did-its for some projects.
  • Contains News concerning yours truly. The blog gets new content at a much faster rate than this website I threw together.
  • Stable Platform. WordPress does a terrific job building and maintaining site architecture that assures integrity of content on many many platforms, devices... it's almost magical. As is often the case with what seems to be magic, there is a team of hard-working technical professionals contributing to the project.