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It was a big thrill working at The Old Grey Lady in midtown Manhattan. I helped achieve much in their Marketing Services department. Paid subscriptions went from one-half million to more than 3 million. A steady stream of new apps such as Top Stories, Cooking and Real Estate were built, requiring ads and landing pages. A robust roster of events and conference series demanded custom websites and content management systems. International initiatives like localized pricing needed programming chops to operate dependably and accurately. Bold ideas like “Sponsor a Subscription” called for an experienced problem-solver to code, test, and enable social sharing. A co-branding program required a steady but flexible templating system. Integrating new technologies like ApplePay demanded a developer who could get through the technical specifications and marry it to an art director’s design.

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I was directly involved in all such endeavors, splitting my time between developing creatives for NYT events and to building ads and landing pages to drive sales of subscriptions to The Times and its apps. ¬†As a contractor rather than an employee, I was allowed to work extra hours and given wide leeway to meet directly with the various stakeholders of each project, to assure things were in sync and optimized. That’s why I came to know such a variety of professionals, both in the business, analytic, and creative sides.

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I will blog some entries about certain projects I helped execute for The Times. If you wish to learn about me working AT The Times, there’s a post for that too!

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