New Program: Unpaid Work for Puerto Rico Relief

Puerto Rico needs lots of help. Indeed, for its people to have regular access to basics such as clean water, drinking water, and electricity, a relentless response of unprecedented scope is required. This situation is dire. It is similar to Haiti after its 2010 earthquake, or perhaps Europe after World War II. I do believe the U.S. military and FEMA will be the major doers in the region, but because of red-tape and infrastructure deficiencies, their work must be supplemented by volunteers and charities. Given that Puerto Rico already faced depleted and damaged resources before the storms, our help is all the more needed. Puerto Rico needs money.  So let’s raise it.

After some thought on how I could help, I’ve struck upon an arrangement for October. I will work unpaid for up to 20 hours per week in exchange for direct, verified contributions to the Ricky Martin Foundation’s Fund for Puerto Rico. Organizations that hire me benefit from both the work and the charity contribution, as a tax deduction. I’m happy because I’m solving problems and directing money where it is needed. Puerto Rico benefits because its people can access the funds of the Ricky Martin Foundation as a supplement / substitute for government aid.

Guys: Puerto Rico is in misery. We must alleviate their pain. It is a moral imperative.

In cases where I do not obtain at least 20 hours of such work, I will instead give my employment to any organization that is directly assisting the relief efforts in Puerto Rico and other Caribbean islands.

If you have suggestions of such organizations, or ideas to refine this program, please share.

I have provided details over at Ha Ha Hanley, as that is where we’ll manage and promote the program.