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Call him a storyteller, comic, or master comedian; the result is the same--he will turn around if you yell loud enough. Check the calendar below to find out the date of Thanksgiving and to see if Matt is gigging in a spot where you can also go. In the short term, take advantage of the new "VHS" functions of the Internet to see video footage of Matt, on stage, telling jokes.


See Matt from a side perspective!

Matt's POV

In this video the camera faces the audience.. see what Matt sees!

Hilarious, right? Good news: there's more where that came from. Youtube is a treasure trove of comedy, with hundreds, perphaps thousands of recorded sets, bits, gigs, clips.. and some of these feature the subject of this webpage: Matt Hanley, master comedian. There are tales about a hitchhiking Pilgrim, a paper watch, and trying to use hand towels on the down low.

SoundCloud Break

Matt was brought onstage on Valentine's Day at Chicago's landmark Green Mill.

The former frontman for post-punk band Bedroom Guys, Matt brings music into his shows, often giving sections of the audience bits to sing.

In this clip, Matt leads the crowd in a song about Borrowing Money.

Where Matt has Performed

  • The Ed Galvez Punk House
  • Hump Night at UCB East
  • Comedy Dublin
  • Comedy Studio in Cambridge, MA
  • Shrink! New York
  • The Jim Coughlin Comedy Show
  • Laura Krafft's Extravaganza
  • O'Briens Santa Monica
  • The Fancy Show Brooklyn

A Calendar on Which Might Appear My Upcoming Shows

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Let Sister

Matt is one of only a dozen comedians east of San Francisco to write an app to manage his set lists.

He turned LetSister.com into a full-blown service to track bits, sets, shows, venues, contacts.. and to enable each user to share that information with the performance community.

For more, see LetSister.com